Path: - a route, course or track along which you move 

Quest: - a search for meaning or answers 


Welcome to PathQuest

For over 18 years, I have been working with and learning about people.  Clients from around the world and all walks of life have worked  with me to find balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  

If you are looking to make changes in your life, adapt to change,  find relief from pain or to gain a deeper insight into who you are,  sessions with me have the potential to create lasting changes in your  life. 
I combine Cranial Sacral Therapy with Coaching skills to offer a unique and powerful opportunity for healing and change.  Whether looking for solutions to get out of physical pain or negotiating problem solving in everyday life, clients seek out my work to promote change and expand awareness. I help you get back on track or find your path and move forward.

Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) is a  hands-on approach that improves whole-body health and performance  affecting the physical, mental and emotional aspects of who you are.  It  is a gentle yet powerful means of moving 'stuck energy" in the body.   As a Cranial Sacral Therapist, I help the body  release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central  nervous system.   By freeing the central nervous system to perform at  its best, Cranial Sacral Therapy can naturally eliminate  pain and  stress, strengthen the bodies resistance to disease and enhances overall  health and well- being. 


Coaching offers you an opportunity to explore endless possibilities.  In a coaching conversation, questions are asked to uncover new perspectives and solutions that come from you.   This is an empowering approach to opening a window into yourself and to deciding what path to take.

I  blend these two modalities creating results in a unique and powerful  way. Life is too short to let obstacles slow you down.  Let me help you  resolve physical and emotional pain, overcome challenges, find balance   and achieve your optimum potential.   

Clients have found it beneficial to work with me on such topics as:

  • desire for life change, 
  • work challenges,
  • family stress, 
  • fertility challenges,  
  • job change, 
  • migraines, 
  • sinus issues.
  • back and neck pain
  • recovery or preparing for surgery, 
  • letting go of a loved one, 
  • accepting 'removal of an organ', 
  • bowel issues, 
  • anxiety, 
  • chronic dreams,
  • moving on.


 You  may be at a cross roads with chronic pain.  Possibly you are trying to  figure out a few things in your life or just feel like you need a nudge  in the right direction. Your life is your journey and the key is to enjoy the ride as you continue to move forward.  Whether you
face a bump in the road or a full on road block,
 I’m here to guide and support you to get
back on track or to find your path.

 To find out if this type of work is the next step for you, please call to have a conversation with me.

Barbara Watt 

Wicker Park - Bucktown
Chicago, Illinois

You are on your way  - - -